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I was introduced to the carving world 20 years ago by my grandpa Greg.

Some of you may know him or have taken a class with him.
Some of you may even remember when I started carving, trips to AWC in Iowa were the highlight of my summer vacation.

Early on I was introduced to Denny Neubauer; young me did not understand how important this connection would be. In 2022 a comment was made at lunch one Sunday afternoon that got me thinking, I can do this! I enlisted the help of my good friend Denny and my Grandpa Greg to get the ball rolling. I spent a weekend making knives with Denny; he loves seeing our progress.

We are a young company bringing you the affordable quality you can count on.

All knives are made with O1 Tool Steel, precision cut with a water jet, and sharpened by hand. All handles are made from quality wood and shaped by hand. If you are looking for something custom, please reach out so that we may create the knife of your dreams!

-Ashten Brown

Founder BSB 


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What our customers say

-That first cut was swift, smooth, and easy and left a mirror finish. The blade itself was finely done with a nice honed finish; I could find no flaws. In that first cut, I found the Cherry Duck Butt handle to fit nicely in my palm, with the fingers making an easy connection with the belly of the handle. All in all, I am very happy with the knife as is. I look forward to doing some long-term carving and working with it. Thank you for your fine product...

-John Sutton

-I got your knives and put them through the Ducky test. Passed with flying colors. Great workmen/womanship. 

— Chuck (Ducky) Schuck

-I love them, super sharp and the handle fits nicely in my small hand. I'm really liking the colors you use. I can't thank you enough!! Great packaging for shipping, definitely going to reuse them in my carving box. The customer service, well you just can't beat it!!.

-Gigi Volkoff


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